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RetroNet Resources

RetroNet is a proposed network for facilitating multiprotocol communications between retro computers, as well as a 1990s-style ISP experience.

RetroNet is to be a globally-accessible network, supporting not only TCP/IP, but anything that can be carried via Ethernet. So, it'll do IPX/SPX, X.25, NetBIOS, DECnet, Banyan VINES, old-school AppleTalk, etc.

There will be a core set of concentrators forming the backbone of the network, facilitating internetwork communications, most likely MPLS inside a WireGuard VPN. Concentrators may interconnect via IPSec or other.

It is planned to enable RetroNet participants to connect via Raspberry Pi or any Linux machine, as well as using physical hardware. Participants will be able to stand up interesting services, or connect their retro computers to each other privately.

The core engineering team is developing standards for this.

Desired Protocols

  • TCP/IP
  • DECnet
  • X.25
  • AppleTalk
  • NetBIOS
  • SNA

Others as we think of them.

Core Engineering Team




A number of resources already exist.

RetroNet Forum

RetroNet Mailing Lists

RetroNet Wiki (this site)

We also maintain an IRC channel on the SynchroNet IRC network.

The server is You may use port 6667 for cleartext, or 6697 for SSL. The channel is #retronet.


If you wish to contribute your time, skills, bandwidth, or compute resources to this project, please head on over to the IRC channel or the mailing list and let us know!

We are not accepting monetary donations at this time.